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The Franchise is an Affiliation between Companies, a Business System used all over the world that allows to start a Point of Sale by exploiting the image, the organization, the experience and the quality of a successful brand on the market and in continuous growth in the reference field.

Affiliation of Cannabis Hemp Shop in Franchise from Italy

The Cannabiside Franchising in the Hemp sector is a highly innovative Business Project, which allows those interested to undertake a professional path with excellent prospects and highly profitable based on the distribution and resale of Legal Cannabis Products from productions of certified and controlled hemp sativa. Of the Cannabiside catalog we can mention the Tasty and Attractive line of sweet and savory snacks in addition to honey, coffee and many others from the "Food Hemp" category, to then deepen with the inflorescences of many qualities and varieties, the shredded, the gadgets, the drinks and beer up to the CBD Oil and also crystals and herbal teas for physical well-being.

The Affiliation system allows you to be part of a solid company and a qualified team, while maintaining your professional and managerial autonomy, in an emerging sector with enormous potential, such as that of Cannabis Light Legale in Italy ... and not only!

The already active Hemp Shop CannabiSide points of sale are proof of this: stores designed and built following an image coordinated in terms of aesthetics and organization, to become the chain of reference stores throughout Italy.

Two Versions to be able to open your Cannabiside Cannabis Store
The Affiliation project (Franchising) can be started either in the Shop version, therefore with a physical store, or with the H24 formula, that is a totally automated sales point that will work for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year, or in combination the two formulas in the same room.

The evaluation of the chosen area for the opening of the activity, combined with the vocation of each candidate, his aspirations and available budget, will become the right keys to be able to choose the right solution case by case until reaching the Objective of Own Opening Cannabis Point of Sale.

Hemp Vending Machine in Franchise

Hemp Shop Solution + H24 Option with Vending Machines:

The creation of a complete sales environment, display panels, custom-made furniture, combined with the unique color and graphic design will give life to a Cannabis sales point intended to offer products and professional assistance to customers of all ages.
The positioning of this type of solution is to be considered preferential in medium-sized cities with the possibility of being able to add the service with vending machines even with a single automated machine so as to offer customers the sale of the products, and therefore the turnover, even when the activity is closed.

Hemp Franchise Cannabiside Project From Italy

Hemp Shop Franchise Solution H24 (Only Vending Machine):

The project is based on the implementation and installation of 2 or more vending machines (100% automated machines both for the management of the receipts and the distribution of the product in total autonomy), previously organized and designed to be able to offer customers
a wide selection of products from the CannabiSide catalog at any time of day or night thanks to the Franchising Cannabiside hemp vending machine project.

. This turns out to be the solution that goes well with any positioning, be it the city center, place of passage, stations, squares or even smaller areas or large districts of large cities;

Joining the Cannabiside chain will give you the opportunity to start up the Cannabis vending machine business with the support of a work group that will support you and suggest in every single step both in the pre-opening and business development phase. With the support of ready-made business consultants with decades of experience in the business affiliation industry for years. We will know together how to make the most of every single organizational detail of your business to make it attractive and profitable over time.

Who can open a CannabiSide Store?

The Hemp Franchising project and products related to the Cannabiside Brand Hemp world is aimed at all those whose goal is to have full autonomy and entrepreneurial freedom, but with safety and assistance at every step by the Organization staff. The only requirement is the will, interest and enthusiasm regarding the hemp and its derivatives sector.
This aspect, even if easy to understand, turns out to be the best ingredient to be able to reach high levels of return on the investment you are about to face.
We believe that Good Will and Passion are the only two prerequisites for being able to prosper in modern and future business.

Tutoring concerning the Design Phase is the First Essential Step to be able to evaluate the Feasibility of the Franchising Hemp Project and the Peculiarities of the Concerned Area with the person concerned.

On the basis of this first analysis, therefore, we will be able to evaluate and identify the kind of Point of Sale in all its aspects: from the choice of the best property to the study of its interior, up to the definition of the Quote. Here below, the main points of this phase.


​Study of the Resident Population in the Area of reference
Average Per Capita Income
Reference Target according to the age of interest
Similar and adversary activities in the municipal area
Surrounding areas study
Choose of the Property
Environments Design
Costs Analysis and Quote definition
Financing sources for the Project Analysis

Tutoring concerning the Opening Phase, instead, includes a series of activities supporting the delicate Start-up phase of the Point of Sale and there is no additional cost: in this phase, the company offers a Service of Juxtaposition in the Point of Sale and Assistance to 360°.

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