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Cannabiside, the Company Specialised in Online Cannabis Products, was born from the entrepreneurial idea of four professionals coming from different career paths, and by their desire to put together skills and multiannual heterogeneous know-how in an innovative and engaging project!

Four friends with important professional skills: an Agricultural Technician, an expert of the Cosmetic sector, a Food Network Chef engaged in the Food sector and, finally, an international managerial expert.

Very different career and personal paths which join in a common commitment; a powerful synergy that allowed giving life to Cannabiside, an innovative company with headquarters in Sardinia, engaged in the production and distribution - online and through a network of point of sales and 24/7 vending machines on the territory - of Legal Cannabis, certified and coming from Italian and European cultivations, and Food Products based on Hemp.


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Inflorescences, Food, Hemp Oil and CBD Products Online; Discover the Cannabis Online Shop

CannabiSide, Legal Cannabis Products online: only the best plants and varieties certified, carefully selected and coming from exclusively Italian and European authorized cultivations!

Our Online Shop of Legal Cannabis offers a wide choice of Hemp based Products with a low content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), with due regard for the current legislations - i.e. with a THC concentration of <0.2% - in order to guarantee our consumers high quality and safe products, with several healthy benefits.

100% Natural Products, originating in crops where there is no use of chemical additives such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides,etc., which are harmful to health and the environment we live in.

CannabiSide is the Baseline Portal for Legal Light Cannabis, with a wide range of 100% Certified Products, Analyzed in laboratory in order to measure levels of THC and CBD and ensure the highest quality of each article: Hemp based Food, Cannabis Inflorescences, Hemp Seeds, CBD Pollen and Resins, CBD Oil, CBD crystals.

Products naturally rich in Cannabidiol, commonly indicated with the acronym CBD, one of the most known Cannabinoids (i.e. active principles) naturally present in Cannabis: this is NOT a psychoactive and psychotropic substance, appreciated for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and relaxing effects, although this is NOT a medical product.

The Legal Cannabis is not intended for pharmaceutical, medical and curative use, it must not be inhaled, smoked or ingested. The sale is prohibited to minors. Keep out of reach of children.

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